The CIRCULATER is back!

Effective June 24, 2018, major service changes have been implemented including two route changes, increased services hours on select routes and a revised fare payment option.

These changes better align DDOT’s resources with growing activity centers like the Southwest Waterfront and improve the reliability of Circulator.  Find more information on the Circulator website

The Blue, Orange, and Silver lines of the Washington Metro have the following stations in the Southwest Federal Center: Smithsonian, L’Enfant Plaza, and Federal Center SW. The Yellow line also stops at L’Enfant Plaza.

The Green line has a stop in the Southwest Federal Center at L’Enfant Plaza and in the Southwest Waterfront at Waterfront; additionally, the Navy Yard – Ballpark stop is one block outside the eastern boundary of the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood.

Bolling and Bellevue have no Metrorail service, although the DC Council has considered some versions of the Anacostia streetcar that would extend to Bolling.