Task Force Co-Chairs: Bruce Levine & Adom Cooper
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Mission Statement:
To work with SW community members, and public officials, key stakeholders, and decision-makers in SW and DC, to identify transportation concerns affecting the quality of life within the Southwest Neighborhood, and to play an effective role in analyzing, informing the community about, and working towards resolution of such concerns.


  • Future and current parking plans that affect residents in and around the Southwest neighborhood.
  • Transportation plans for the Buzzard Point Project to include calming patterns in and around the stadium.
  • Transportation plans for The Wharf project.
  • Wharf Project to include current traffic flow issues on M Street based on ongoing construction. Parking plans for the Wharf
  • Current and future plans for the circulator to include N-S & E-W routes throughout SW. Shuttle service has been suggested on a smaller scale
  • Bicycle paths throughout SW
  • Parking Enforcement around Tiber Island and better communication on ongoing and future street repair projects with DDOT


SWNA Transportation Task Force 1st meeting – TBD

This shall include group classification and selection. Ideas for these groups have included a research department to gather information on the areas of concern that that the Transportation Task Force has outlined. A second group might be developed to assist with community outreach. This would include notification of important events to neighborhood residents, petition signing, and other pertinent information and events the community would benefit from.

SWNA/ANC Fall meeting
A meeting has been discussed with a 3 part discussion platform being introduced.

  • Part I- This would be an open discussion for members to present concerns regarding transportation issues within the neighborhood
  • Part II- A panel would be introduced to have representatives introduce and discuss ideas for transportation issues that have been presented
  • Part III- Finally we would determine what next steps that can be taken for both short and long term solutions.

This outline is subject to change as the list/issues will continue to grow.

This task force will be successful with the input from SW community residents.  If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form below.   We will respond within 48 hours.