Vic Sutton, Task Force Chair

Established in March 2015, The SW Neighborhood Assembly Workforce Development and Adult Education Task Force serves as the workforce outreach arm of SWNA.

Mandate of the Task Force on Workforce Development and Adult Education

The goal of the Task Force is to support the SWNA mission to  help create rich and equal social, educational, and economic opportunities for residents of Southwest DC; to assist in providing the opportunity for gainful employment for all; to promote development of the economic and aesthetic potential of Southwest, and preserve its diverse history.

The Task Force does not plan to launch new workforce or adult education initiatives.  Rather, it will focus on building awareness of the many opportunities and resources that are already in place, and finding ways to motivate SW residents to take advantage of them.

The Task Force will look for ways to develop career paths for SW residents that can improve their access to new and better-paid jobs, and develop the skills to be able to secure them.

To this end, the Task Force will develop partnerships with employers, community-based organization and local institutions (e.g. the schools, the churches) that have the experience and capacity to support its mission.

If you have an interest in becoming a committee member of the SWNA’s Workforce Development and Adult Education Task Force, please email Vic Sutton for more information . or use the contact form below.