Historical Context Study: Southwest Washington, DC 1791-1973

Overview context study prepared by QED Associates LLC examining the built environment of Southwest DC, commissioned in 2014 by SWNA. The study is linked below in seven parts as PDFs.

Photograph from HABS survey

Southwest Washington, Urban Renewal Area

(2004, Historic American Building Survey)
PDF | HABS Southwest Washington Urban Renewal Area

More at the Library of Congress: https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/dc1017/
This is one of several surveys done by the Heritage Documentation Programs of the National Park Service, more surveys on subjects in Southwest are available in the Library of Congress’ HABS/HAER/HALS Collection.

How Railroad changed food and diet in DC

How The Railroad Changed Food & Diet In Washington DC (2017)

PDF | DC Railways Changed Food & Diet

mid-century modernist church study

Midcentury Modern Churches of Southwest Washington (2015)

PDF | Midcentury SW Churches Study

Buzzard Point, DC: A Brief History of a Brief Neighborhood (2014)

PDF | Buzzard Point, DC History

Planning and Constructing Public Landscaping in Washington D.C.’s Southwest Urban Renewal Area (2012)

PDF | Planning SW Landscapes

The Old Southwest (2005, Univ. of Maryland Historic Preservation Studio)

PDF | University of Maryland, Old SW Report

Urban Design Studio: Southwest Washington, D.C. (2001, MIT School of Architecture)

PDF | Southwest DC, MIT Studio

Southwest Washington, D.C. (1998, Urban Land Institute)

PDF | Southwest Washington, DC