Task Force Chairs, Ben Curran and Thelma Jones

The Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Emergency Preparedness Task Force was established to address community emergency preparedness in SW Washington DC. The mission and vision of the Task Force is to build a “disaster resilient community” in SW, — a community that is prepared and is better able to withstand and overcome the effects of disasters. Working in an inclusive manner where the whole SW community is encouraged to participate, — the residents, the private sector, faith based organizations, and other community based organizations we are confident we will make a positive difference SW and indeed be a model of local community emergency preparedness in the District. Another noteworthy point is that we are working in close coordination with the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency of the District, an important key to success for any sustainable community emergency preparedness planning.

We welcome your participation to join the committee and help advance our goal to create a “Neighborhood Corps” – a community network that promotes training, community outreach, risk identification, planning, and other tasks.  Contact: Ben Curran or Thelma Jones

2017 Task Force Accomplishments 

  • Coordinated and hosted a talk by John Wennersten and Denise Robbins, authors of “Rising Tides ~ Climate Refugees in the Twenty-first Century.
  • Distributed emergency preparedness literature to local businesses.
  • Organized an emergency preparedness mini-exercise “Extreme Event” – an interactive, flood-scenario table-top exercise focused on how community members work together to make decisions about the response and recovery from the disaster with a special emphasis on resource identification, mobilization and allocation. DC Floodplain Manager and DC Homeland Security/Emergency Management Agency Community Relations Coordinator attended the event.
  • Organized a children’s emergency preparedness activity “The Pillowcase Project” at the SW Neighborhood Library with American Red Cross.
  • Invited Disaster Program Manager, American Red Cross, National Capital Region to SWNA Community Meeting to give a short presentation on the role of the American Red Cross in disaster preparedness and response.
  • Participated in “Extreme Event” exercise hosted by the National Academy of Science for DC residents and visitors.
  • Participated in “Cities on the Leading Edge of Resilience” webinar hosted by Arizona State University School of Sustainability.
  • Task Force members completed its quarterly drop off of several different emergency preparedness brochures at several sites in the SW neighborhood.  Drop-off spots included the library, Potomac Towers, Harbor Square, Greenleaf Recreation Center, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Channel Square Apartments, Jenny’s At the Wharf, St. Dominic Church
  • Hosted information table at the DC State Fair to provide emergency preparedness literature available.
  • Coordinated planning for panel discussion to acknowledge  International Disaster Reduction Day.