Bruce Levine, President
Donna Purchase, Secretary
Joe Paul, Treasurer
Andrew Roszak
Lisa Taylor 
Nicole Renard

Task Force Chairs
Thelma D. JonesYouth Activities
Vyllorya Evans Education & Scholarship
Perry Klein, Technology 
Ryan Pierce,  SW Heritage (History)
Ben Curran  &  Thelma D. JonesEmergency Preparedness

VACANT: Waterfront Development
VACANT: Workforce Development & Adult Education
VACANT: Transportation

Southwester Staff
Editor Emeritus: Dale MacIver
Editor-In-Chief: Shannon Vaughn
Distribution: Perry Klein
Advertising: Donna Purchase
Design & Layout: Electronic Ink
Printer: Silver Communications

Editorial Staff
Copy: Julia Cole
Calendar: Maya Renee

Our Contributors
The Southwester is produced by an all-volunteer staff and relies on volunteers to contribute its stories.
Please send article for consideration to the Editor, and when possible, include a picture.
You may also say whether you prefer the article in print, online, or both.
All submissions for print are due by the 15th of the month prior to print.