SWNA Tree Task Force Announces Partnerships

Are you interested in helping to plant more trees in Southwest and to protect the trees we already have? If so, consider joining the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s new Tree Task Force.

We are working with the Urban Forestry Administration, Casey Trees, and the Southwest BID (business improvement district) to expand the tree canopy in Southwest by planting hundreds of new trees and watering trees during the hot summer months.

And we’re looking for places where we can partner with Casey Trees for community tree plantings. If your residential building, church, or any other facility has space for at least 10 trees, Casey can provide the trees, equipment, and labor – all for free.

If you are interested in joining the Tree Task Force, if you have a suggested site for a planting with Casey Trees, or if you just want to learn more, email Mark Rodeffer or call 202-487-5438 for more details.

More information about the Tree Task Force is available in the most recent issue of the Southwester

Task Force Chair: Mark Rodeffer